Thanos Spec (not real, maybe will be in the future idk)

Thanos Spec that can Be Obtainable by using Golden Gauntlet on Stand-less.


E - Space Stone (Creates a Beam that can do 299 dmg or 245 and can only be blasted for 3 seconds cooldown 6 seconds)

R - Thanos Punch (a Punch that deals 500 dmg and cooldown of 10 seconds) T - Mind Stone (Makes the Target your Mouse is hovering at will be knocked out for 3 seconds)

F - The Snap (Kills half of the Server and is a One Life use because it will be to OP and will say "I am Inevitable" Line)

G - Thanos Soup a Pose that Plays no Music but has an Animation of the Player Drinking Thanos' Soup

Y - Thanos Soup heal (The name says it all).

Z - Spec Teleport (teleports you to any area on where your mouse is pointing at)


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