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A stand with 10M imprinted on the torso of it. Has a pot on its head and has confetti that appears even when the stand isn't brought out. Glows rainbow on some parts and has pink neon parts on both arms and the torso. Has rainbow glowing eyes and is colored to be more like a birthday cake. (picture featured on the right)


The 10M Accomplishment Stand is a stand that can be obtained by using an Accomplishment Medal on Star Platinum (Its Now unobtainable)


Passive A Rainbow Evolution - Your stand's eye and leg belt are constantly changing colors

Passive B Excitement Over-rush - Your CD time is greatly reduced.

Passive C ITS PARTY TIME! - Rainbow confetti is coming out of your stand, and when not summoned, out of your body.


E  Celebration Barrage - deals 99.6 damage (109 critical) for 5.82 seconds
R  Celebration Strike - deals 149.8 damage (149.8 critical)
T  Celebration Correction - deals 197.8 damage (197.8 critical) and ignores block
Y  Accomplished Healing - Heals people for 10hp per hit(30 critical)
B+Y  Accomplished Self Healing - Heals yourself for 27hp for INF seconds.
H  Celebration Smash - A large range ground smash that flings people into the air and deals 50 dmg (50 critical)
F  Timestop - Timestops for you to attack some people. (broken)