A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to Obtain:

Use a Celebration Hat (Free Item) on Star Platinum(evolved). Now unobtainable.

LMB: Does a hit that does 12.5 damage

E: Does a barrage that does 112 damage per hit. (Note: this is a bit op for a free item lol)

RobloxScreenShot20210319 195016124.png

R: Does a hit that does 156.7 damage

T: Does a really strong punch, doing 197.8 damage

Y: Barrages and does 30 damage per hit to other people

G: Pose

C: Does a roll, as always

X: Does a block that makes you take very mimimal damage.

Z: Big jump

H: Makes a shockwave in the ground, making people around take 50 dam