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20 mil celebration stand is a base white stand with some red spikes and sparkles coming of it

this is an image of its pose

it is obtained by using celebration cone on star platinum (evolved).


Barrage = E : Deals 233 per hit last 15 seconds.

Finisher = R : Deals 302.6 damage in a small charge punch.

Heavy finisher = T : Deals 322.6 damage in a charge strike that takes 3 seconds to charge.

Heal others = Y : Does a healing barrage that heals 30 per hit and lasts for 9 seconds.

Heal self = B+Y : Heal yourself for 27 per hit last for as long as you want I think ( I held it for 2 minutes and it didn't stop).

Slam = H : Deals 50 damage and send enemies into the air. Has no animation, and has a charge time of 3 seconds.

Stand launch = Z : He launches the user higher than most stands.

Dodge = C : You roll the same as almost everyone (your not special).

Pose = G : you pose as shown in the image at the top right. plays... (I'm not sure I've been searching for too long someone help me out)

Tips and Info

it isn't posing :D

I'm not sure but it will probably become unobtainable so get it while you can. I'm not sure the spawn rate of the cone but if someone does please help me out.