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How to get it: Use a bomb on Business Man spec to obtain it.

Bomb spawns every hour and 26 minutes with a 1/3% chance.

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--------------------------------- What does it do: Throws bomb and other cool stuff. Also has pose music. ------------------- Is it supported for mobile: Yes, the spec is supported for mobile.

edit this page if i missed something

LMB - Throws a bomb at where your cursor is dealing 345.8 damage twice

E - A barrage that does 202 damage and has no crits

R - Strong punch that does 255.6 damage

G - Does a pose with DIO's Amendments playing (correct me if I'm wrong please)

Z- Fly for a short period, dealing damage to anyone who touches you

V- Teleport to where cursor is pointing, short range


yes it is its not unob

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