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"bruh momento" - Mike Wazowski (Maiku wazousuki, マイク・ワゾウスキ)

Basic Information

Bruh Platinum is a Stand in A Bizarre Journey, it was added recently. It's item, Bruh Orb.


Bruh Platinum seems to resemble regular Star Platinum, but with a bright neon green body and hair. It's gloves are still the same. It's face has been changed to a face-swapped Mike Wazowski. It's model looks a lot like Star Platinum from the original ABD.

How to Obtain

Bruh Orb + Star Platinum = Bruh Platinum

Full Craft

Arrow/Unbelievable Arrow + standless = Star Platinum: Stone Ocean.

SP:SO + Jotaro's Hat = Star Platinum.

SP + Bruh Orb = Bruh Platinum.


Attack Description Damage CD
E - Bruh Barrage Bruh Platinum unleashes a barrage that does 222 damage per hit. 222 per punch 5
R - Bruh Punch Bruh Platinum punches their enemy dealing 301 damage. 301 8
T - Bruh Finger Bruh Platinum uses his Bruh Finger to pierce through the enemy. 25 damage 10
Y - (CURRENTLY BROKEN) Bruh Platinum throws an Iggy, but with no animation (BROKEN) N/A N/A
Z -

Bruh Jump

Normal Stand jump. N/A 10 secs
C -

Bruh Roll

A normal roll N/A 4


  • Bruh Platinum's pose music is a Megalovania Bruh Remix.
  • Bruh Platinum's pose is actually the same pose as Star Platinum from the original ABD.
  • It is one of the Stands to have their own unique faces, instead of using a regular Roblox face.
  • It can be obtained by using a Bruh Orb on Star Platinum.
  • This stand was inspired by Sakura Stand's "Bruh Platinum."