Business Man in game.

You can get businessman (oni) from arrow


(Passive A) Firepower : Every attack leaves red fire on the opponent

moveset :

E - leg breaker : oni does deal 50 damage

R - uppercut combo : Oni does two uppercuts dealing 30 damage each. If both uppercuts hit, oni will teleport above them and do a strong kick, stunning them. The kick deals 70 damage.

T - Demon step : Oni slides on the ground (Broken) deals 30 damage.

Y - Demon smash : Oni kicks the ground, creating a shockwave. Deals 60 damage.

H - road to be banned : H move set is really broken, I don't recommend using this move as businessman BUT if you want to get banned for no fucking reason sure Fyi oni does not ban anymore it does kick and some other things so ya







Edit: This might be The Thin man.

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