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About & Info

This stand is the fusion of Whitesnake and The Green Baby, possessing the ability to manipulate Gravity.

Much like Whitesnake with it's white base color scheme, it's face feature's a green mask, black shorts, a chest-cover of the same color, green forearm's and wrist covers.

Full Craft

Arrow + LMB = C-Moon(???% chance)


E- Short barrage that deals 6 damage per hit (lasts 5 seconds)

R- A heavy punch that deals 35 damage

F- An AoE ground-punch that does 75 damage with 1.5 seconds of startup.

H- Your stand distorts gravity, boosting jump height and speed.


Purple Crown + C-Moon = She-Moon

Party Trident + C-moon = Party Made In heaven


There is no official Made in Heaven stand, or Whitesnake oddly, as WS is the precursor to C-Moon, and MiH is the successor. There is, however, a MiH reskin called Made On Hallow's Eve / Made On Christmas. (Note: The DIO Diary will not give you MoHe / MoC)

this stand was most likely stolen so it might not have the heaven and snake parts cause of taht