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Occupation: A boss that is pretty tanky, and is the first big boss to be released (?)

Appearance: Pitch black, really massive and has brown shaggy hair, similar to Old Cosmic Mario (unob stand) but without the mystical aura. Twitches it's head while walking, and has one arm pointing, other arm isn't. Has moderate speed (equal to Reaper's speed, but more less than that.)

Spawn Location: COSMIC MARIO BOSS usually spawns at the center and will not move until you go to its right or left, it also spawns at the alleyway between Odd's Arcade and the building to the left of Drip Goku Stand Storage

Boss fight: Cannot be touched even when protected by spawn forcefield or else kicked and killed like a titan in AOT Downfall sandbox on roblox, use projectile specs such as Sans and Rainbow Gaster to damage it. Aim for the torso where the HP bar is located. It is also recommended that you use Sakuya (if you have it) or SPOH

Drops: Electric Thunder Bolt, Rainbow Shaggy, Haunted Tricky Mask


Cosmic Mario Boss in its spawn.png
Cosmic Mario Boss.png