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LMB attack does 30 damage

E Template:John doe attack- Barrage: 10 damage (inf) (plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIP7jn2JhmY&ab_channel=DatWeebBoi)

R - Punch: 32 damage (has spam)

Y - Self heal: 20 hp (inf) (same E barrage music)

F - Time stop (can spam) (time stop is useless right now and should be removed - ThatWeebBoi)

John doe.png

G - Pose (doesn't have music)

Z - Jump (can spam)

C - roll (can spam)

X - block (most attacks hit on the block will do 0 damage)

created by popvspvp

music provided by me, ThatweebBoi

Trivia : This is a A unobtainable

note : this stand used to be an admin stand.

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