Clown Man Stand

Clown man.png


Clown man has a red, yellow, and black palette, with a black air tank on its back similiar to The World and a clown face. Sadly, no red clown hair.

How to Obtain

Clown Diary + Star Platinum or The World = Clown Man (unobtainable)


Moves Damage
E - Circus Barrage 20 (Plays circus theme)
R - Circus Punch 35
F - Timestop N/A Stops time for 2 seconds


  • Clown man is also called "Clown Crimson".
  • Clown man is one of the rarest stands in the game, it is S tier unobtainable.
  • 3 - 4 people got it.
  • This stand is rarer than Old Celebration Pot
  • Note: this stand is rare as heck meaning that you need a lot of A+ and A unobs
  • follow Nandhini1959 because he is cool
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