Passive 1 - User takes less damage (sometimes doesn't).

Passive 2 - User hits the enemy twice.

LMB - Throws a clown nose dealing 211.1 damage (sometimes hits twice).

This is obtainable by using a Clown hair on Weird hat man.

E - Barrage dealing 122 (sometimes 144).

R - Clown Spec throws a heavy punch dealing 202.9 damage.

V - Teleports you a short range (If you jump you can teleport up to buildings).

Z (Hold) - You fly and if you hit someone then it deals 5 damage.

C - 5 second cooldown just like other normal stands.

G - Plays circus music. The music is here (My channel video)

That's all for today bye (Ill finish it if gets rework or new moves or if I forgot some). Oh yeah i just had to put a 2 on it :(

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