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How to obtain

Standless + Arrow OR Unbelievable Arrow = Star Platinum: Stone Ocean

Star Platinum: Stone Ocean + Jotaro's Hat = Star Platinum (Evolved)

Star Platinum (Evolved) + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven

Star Platinum Over Heaven + Mario diary = Mario stand

Mario stand + Cosmic Mario egg = Cosmic Mario

Note: Stop saying its unobtainable because it is not. It will most likely never be unobtainable, so stop saying it is but the old version of this is unobtainable.It can also fly by roka soft & wet while in bubble glide, then jump and spam C.


Click-- Punch (20 dmg)

E-- Barrage (kick: 14 dmg/ punch: 16/18 dmg) ~3 sec cooldown

R-- Strong punch (35 dmg) ~10 sec cooldown

C-- Teleport

Has a 0 sec cooldown so you can spam it.

G-- T pose

U-- Heals others 100 health

B + U — Self heal 1 million health (Pretty overpowered)