How to obtain

Standless + Arrow OR Unbelievable Arrow = Star Platinum Stone Ocean

Star Platinum Stone Ocean + Jotaro Hat = Star Platinum (evolved)

Star Platinum (evolved) + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven

Star Platinum Over Heaven + Mario Diary = Mario

Mario + Cosmic Mario Egg = Cosmic Mario

Note: Stop saying its unobtainable because it is not. It will most likely never be unobtainable, so stop saying it is.


Click-- Punch (20 dmg)

E-- Barrage (kick: 14 dmg/ punch: 16/18 dmg) ~3 sec cooldown

R-- Strong punch (35 dmg) ~10 sec cooldown

C-- Teleport

Has a 0 sec cooldown so you can spam it.

G-- T pose

B + U — Self heal 1 million health (Pretty overpowered)

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