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"Ain't this guy great?" - Josuke Higashikata (Higashikata jōsuke, 東方仗助)


Stand that was part of an event that lasted for 12 hours on 2/27/2021

Said to be an admin stand, but just a new stand.

Combat Mode/Moves

Moves Damage
M1 - Light Punch 20
E - Ascended DORA Barrage 223-234.5
R - Ascended DORA Punch 345.6

864 (crit)

Y - Weak DORA Punch 30
Z - Stand Jump N/A
C - Roll N/A
G - Pose plays "the skies are limited" by JR serpent

Restoration Mode

Moves Damage
E - Ascended Restorative DORA Barrage Restores 245.6 Health per Punch
R - Ascended Restorative DORA Punch Restores 345.6 Health
Y - Ascended Wall Creation N/A (Builds a wall)


F - Switch to healing mode/combat mode

Healing mode will have yellow aura in your stand, and a yellow aura in your avatar if you pressed Q on healing mode

Combat mode will don't have any aura, just a glowing white skin

How To Obtain

Crazy Diamond + Over Heaven Orb = Crazy Diamond Over Heaven (CD:OH)

Over Heaven Orb Spawns Every Hour And 11 Minutes With A 1/4% Chance Of Spawning

this stand is obtainable for now because the new "Dio Brando" quest


It's the normal Crazy Diamond, but with white glowing skin, huge buff on damage/healing and added the music

Notes: You can only pressed Q only 2 times, after the 2 times pressing Q (aka despawning the stand), you cannot respawn the stand anymore, unless you reset/rejoin

link to part of the song on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvKFE-UzZeI&t=2s

(I, halfandhalf-gamer, found the theme)

(The over heaven orb is obtainable by killing Dio Over Heaven)