Stand that was part of an event that lasted for 12 hours on 2/27/2021

Said to be an admin stand, but just a new stand.

Combat Mode/Moves:

E - Barrage - deals 234.5 Damage

Y - Weak Punch - deals 30 Damage

R - Heavy Punch - deals 345.6 Damage

Z - Jump

C - Dodge

LMB - Deals 10 Damage

Restoration Mode

E - Healing Barrage - Heals 245.6 Health

F - Switch Between Restoration Mode and Combat Mode

R - Healing Heavy Punch - Heals 345.6 Health

Y - Build a Wall - Literally Builds a Wall

LMB - Heal Punch - Heals 10 Health

How To Obtain:

Crazy Diamond + Over Heaven Orb = Crazy Diamond Over Heaven (CD:OH)

Over Heaven Orb Spawns Every Hour And 11 Minutes With A 1/4% Chance Of Spawning

Sadly, this stand is now unobtainable.


Crazy Diamond but the armor is now neon white

Cool thing here: If you don't have your stand out you get a white aura

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