A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to get lol

Use Dark Horn things on (deleted sword thing that people believe deletes itself when traded (shiny sword)) to get Dark Pot Platinum

It is an (A tier) stand. (got hella duped)

roblevel with OldDarkPot

Q - Stand summon (plays Hellcat theme)-what a classic :D

E - Dark Barrage Dark Pot Plat does a barrage which deals 21 damage each hit. (spammable and infinite)

R - Dark Punch Dark Pot Plat does a punch which deals 30 damage. (spammable) (can fling people)-the fun part >:D

Y - Self Heal Dark Pot Plat heals the user for 22 damage. (spammable and infinite)

F - Timestop Dark Pot Plat timestops.

Z - Stand Jump Dark Pot Plat launches both of you up in the air. (spammable)

C - Roll Dark Pot Plat rolls. (spammable)

X - block that ignores all damage except true damage

note: jake ate a dictionary :D