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Darkest Dio's Requiem has a full black torso and head, has black vines where his legs are supposed to be and has black horns on his helmet. He resembles Shadow TW, in terms of appearance, having no legs and the classic TW helmet in black

Darkest Moveset

Moves Damage
E - Dio's yet darkest Barrage 20 - 30

50 per punch

(if you're lucky)

R - Dio's Heavy Punch 120
T - Dio's yet Darkest Reality Overwrite 130 - 140 (Bypasses block)
Y - Dio's Darkest Healing Overwrite 50 (low cd)
B + Y - Dio's Darkest Self Healing Over write 50 (low cd)
H - Dio's Darkest Reality Shattering Pulse 50 (AOE)
K - Outside of Dio's Dark World N/A (You teleport.)
G - Pose Will Play Amend - j^p^n, search on spotify


  • This Stand İs Unobtainable Now:D
  • It's actual name is "Dio's Darkest Requiem".
  • 500 Levels from shop "not lie'' the item of this worth C tiers
  • Odd was too lazy to Remove gui from shop
  • You can't get this unless someone trade you the stand or give you the item

pretty dope stand