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How to obtain

Obtained by using a Delta bone on the Sans Spec


LMB: Uses a gaster blaster that does 101 damage

E-Hold : A barrage doing 10.5 a hit (not infinite) cooldown of 6 seconds

R: Throws your target with 21.4 Dmg

Delta Sans Pose.png

T: A barrage of bones dealing 97 damage per bone hit (has a cooldown of 6 seconds)

F: Gaster Blaster 10.5 Dmg per hit (can only be used once)

G: Pose, looks cool (delta sans theme by nick nitro)

Z: Ride a Gaster Blaster for 5 seconds, With the damage of 35 (has a cooldown of 6 seconds)

C: Teleport (has a 6 second cooldown)


Delta sans looks like sans but with orange gloves and has the bravery soul

(it's just sans with the bravery soul)


Since this spec has been obtainable for a really long time, it has no chance of becoming unobtainable and will always be obtainable.

Important Note

This is Delta!Sans, it comes from DELTA!TALE, which is an AU created by Animated Zorox, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_wlOQPdQx0. Credits to him for creating Delta Sans!