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Devil The World is an OP Stand in A Bizarre Journey. It is currently unobtainable.(But, [look below])


The World + Devil's Cape (unobtainable[But, still drops randomly saying in the item notif. "An Unobtainable Devil's Cape has spawned!]) = Devil The World.

Full Craft:

Arrow + Standless = The World


Unbelievable Arrow + Standless = The World

Get Devil's Cape = Devil's Cape

The World + Devil's Cape = Devil The World.


E - Barrage. There are 2 barrages and you can get either of them. Punch Barrage: 245.9 - 278.9 dmg each punch. A kick barrage will do 298.9 each kick. No cooldown to using these barrages however, the barrage is only for 7.5 seconds, but its a spammable move. You can use E in combinations: E and then B + U then repeat.

R - Heavy/Strong Punch. It does 323.5 dmg. A 10 second cooldown. Not spammable.

Devil The World.png

U - Heals other people with a punch. It gives 100 HP to the person you punch.

B + U - Devil The World heals it's stand user. It gives 1,000,000 HP to the stand user. It is a 10 second cooldown. You can use B + U in combinations: E and then B + U then repeat.

G - T-pose with no music. It is very menacing.

C - Teleports the stand user and the stand 1 meter in front of them. It is a spammable move.

X - Blocks with an X pose and reduces any dmg it takes.

Z - Normal Huge jump.

My Opinion on Devil The World

Overall, I think Devil The World is great for PVP, and killing bosses. Its obtainable now. Of course I have it. My Username in Roblox is JaydenKhia. Thank you for reading this WIKI page.