Dio's The World (referred to as DTW by the community) is a Stand in A Bizarre Journey. This stand was inspired by A Bizarre Day Modded's Dio TW.


Dio's The World takes the appearance of TWAU from the original A Bizarre Day. It's color pallete consists of black and orange/yellow colors. The strap is neon orange and the D's are orange as well. It's main body parts (torso, arms, head, etc) are colored black. On it's fists the knuckles are neon yellow.

How to Obtain

Full Craft


Dio's The World + Rainbow Dio's Gem = Rainbow DTW.


E - Swift MUDA! Barrage
DTW sends out a fast barrage that deals 99 - 119 damage per punch. The kick barrage deals 123.5 per hit.
R - Heavy MUDA! Punch
DTW punches the enemy. This deals 126.69 damage.
T - Reality Overwrite
DTW throws a kick that deals 125.3 damage. If your saying this is broken then its just small hitbox.
Y - Heal Overwrite
DTW throws a fast punch, but instead of attacking the enemy, DTW will heal them. This heals 50 HP.
B + Y - Self Heal Overwrite
DTW will throw another fast punch at the user, healing them. This heals 50 HP.
F - Time Stop (Broken)
DTW will stop time for a few seconds.
H - Ground Slam
DTW punches the ground, causing a massive beam of light to appear for a split second. This is an AoE range/effect of 2-3 meters (4 studs).

(Not every stand can resist timestop unlike, Sonic, Star platinum youtube, shaggy, etc.)


  • This Stand is based off of the Stand from ABDM, Dio's The World. ABDM also started the trend of (for example) "Dio's The World" or "Jotaro's Star Platinum".
  • It's pose is similar to The World: Alternate Universe's pose from ABD and ABDM.
  • the pose music is Dio's Amendment but with a bit different tune (Please confirm
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