General info

Dio is a boss, you can get to him by clicking on the HalfYumy, who teleports you to a medium-sized arena where Dio spawns. Dio has an incredible amount of HP, easily having over 50000, suggested stands like Shiny SCR, SCR, or any tanky stand that can deal alot of damage instantly, like Chara, retro OH or star platinum req, etc

Battle Strategies

Dio has three moves, a barrage which lasts around 3 seconds, this barrage deals insane damage. A heavy punch dealing insane damage, and clicks, which are bugged and do not land. The arena has nowhere to hide, so it is practically impossible to cheese him.

Drops : White Requiem Arrow, Darkest Jotaro's Hat, Chara's Knife or Simply Nothing. (I will keep updating)

Recommended stands / specs

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