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"You are the only one I can trust. Understand? You are my greatest." - Diavolo to Vinegar Doppio

About & Info

This is the stand of Vinegar Doppio, a member of Passione, and the Consigliere of Diavolo. (Adviser to boss of a mafia). This stand features precognitive abilities, and short time erasure movement teleportation. It is D Tier in the Trading Tier list.

How to Obtain

Arrow + Standless = Doppio KC


Doppio King Crimson appears as a single one of King crimson's arm, and a small face on the forehead of user pointing upward with their avatar face on it and skin tone.


E = King Crimson will send out a punch using its arm, dealing 30 damage (has a chance to hit twice).

F = Epitaph. The players eye will glow red with a small flame effect, and be able to avoid all attacks (as long as they aren't Over Heaven / Requiem Stand attacks) for a short amount of time.

V = A short time erasure where the user goes forward a small bit.


Doppio King Crimson + Frog = King crimson


V Move / Time Erasure