To obtain this stand you will need: ErRoR Computer and SPOH (Star Platinum:Over Heaven)

All items that u will need: Computer ErRoR, Unbelievable Arrow, Jotaro's Hat and Dio's Diary

Computer ErRoR

Spawns/Drops, 1 hour and 19 minutes with a 1/3 chance.

To get the the SPOH (Star Platinum:Over Heaven) you will need:

Star Platinum:Stone Ocean

you can get, Star Platinum:Stone Ocean in Unbelievable Arrow.

Unbelievable Arrow

Spawns/Drops on ground. Pretty common.

Jotaro's Hat

This Drops/Spawns too and its common.

Dio's Diary

Everyone has that.

First u need to get Star Platinum:Stone Ocean from Unbelievable Arrow

Then Use Jotaro's Hat to get Star Platinum (evolved)

After use Dio's Diary to get SPOH (Star Platinum:Over Heaven)

Last step is to use Computer ErRoR on SPOH (Star Platinum:Over Heaven) there you have it :D 

LMB, does 20.

E, Barrage does about, 212 or 202

R, Punch does about, 256.7 (2 times) pro

X, block (spr and a lot more can surpass the block)

C is normal roll.

G, epicko pose with epic music

ErRoR Stand.png

i like the way how it makes an error sound when you take it out.

it is an indeed S tier.

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