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ErRoR stand!.pngErRoR stand appearance

How to get: Use a Computer Error on SP:OH to get it. Computer Error spawns every hour and 19 minutes with a 1/3% chance of spawn.


The stand has a color scheme of red and blue. The most notable part about the stand is the blue monitor as it's head with red text that reads "ERROR, Signal lost". It also has red text around the monitor head that says "ErRoR". The death sound and how the pose looks are similar to Star Platinum and most of the stands that are made from it.

Moves and Damage:

E Barrage: 202 or 211 damage each hit.

R Heavy punch: 256.7.

G: Pose (with music).

Z: Stand leap.

C: Regular roll.

X: Regular block.

Q: Regular summon.

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