“Beep bo bop” - Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin

How to Obtain

This spec is obtained by using Microphone on Weird Hat Stand.


Passive A: Musical Motivation -This spec has faster speed than other stand/specs.


Click = Throws a giant microphone that does 345.8 damage per hit.

E = Does a barrage that does 145 / 198 damage per hit.

R = Does a strong punch that does 255.6 damage and knocks the target back in a randim direction.

T = Throws a bunch of microphones (similar to Last Breath San's attack) that do 345.8 damage per hit.

C = Teleports you forward in the direction you are facing.

G = Pose. Plays either South from Week 2 of Friday Night Funkin', Blammed from Week 3, or M.I.L.F. From Week 4.

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