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(Hi no sekai, 火の世界)


Fire the world is a non - canon stand that was made easily accessible on 3/18/21. It's pose music is "His World," and a lot of the stand's details are hard-to-see because everything except for its head is diamond plate.

About & Info

Fire The World is a stand that was unobtainable for a little bit and then was made obtainable on 3/18/2021. The stand is not that hard to get and can do lots of damage, especially in the barrage.

Full Craft

Fire The World is crafted by using an Arrow (5% chance) / Unbelievable Arrow (15% chance) + LMB = The World

The World + Fire Star (100% chance) = Fire The World


Fire The World does not look like a regular evolution of The World, but it is unique. It consists of a dark red torso, arms and legs, with each ark having an O shape figure at the shoulder. The head is red and has a magma hood, also with a mad face and red eyes. On the back of the stand you can see a scythe. Its head is constantly twitching, and you can see the twitching hood even if the stand is not summoned. It seems to be wearing mechanical tubes and pipes, similar to The World, and it has ab lacing, similar to Star Platinum


Passive A- Body of Iron

Due to your body of iron, you take less damage from other stands.

Passive B- Deafen

When you use your barrage, any landed hits make a loud metal clanging noise.


Ability Key Damage Cooldown Extra Comments & GIFs
Pitiful Strength

15 damage

0 seconds Hits twice, making for 30 damage in total.

Barrage (Hold)
Godly Strength

265.9-298.9 damage

5 seconds Very fast, and loud.
Heavy Punch
Devastating Strength

324.9 damage

9 seconds Fire World charges up its right fist for longer than most heavy punches, then it releases it, dealing 324.9 damage. Note: This move makes no noise whatsoever, and has the longest charge - up for a standard heavy punch in the game.

Broken Heal
N/A 5 seconds A heal that is broken. Note: This move makes no noise, similar to the heavy punch.

N/A 0 seconds Has no cooldown, very good for escaping heavy attacks or barrages. You also teleport wherever your cursor is. Note: This move does not have unlimited range, and you must wait until you finish teleporting before you can teleport again.

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge

Fire The World is an overpowered close - ranged stand. It will demolish anyone with its insane barrage, and is quite annoying to deal with. However, it has NO ranged moves, and suffers from stands with high agility or stands that can spam-jump.

Is good against

Stands with medium barrage power, but can heal. Due to this stand's insane damage output on the barrage it can easily shred most stands/specs.

Some examples are

Retro OH (unless they block, if they do, have fun trying to kill them)

Hyper Pot Platinum (unless they block, if they do, have fun trying to kill them)

Star Platinum Requiem (unless they block, if they do, have fun trying to kill them)

Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem (unless they block, if they do, have fun trying to kill them)

Is Countered By

Stands that ragdoll, stands with high mobility, stands with high-damage projectiles, stands with one-shot moves, stands that confuse / slow down the player, and stands with on-par or high damage barrages, and stands that can spam their Z move (Stand Jump) and C move (Roll / Dash). This stand cannot go against high mobility stands / specs.

Some examples are


Glitched Stand


Any form of Sans. (doesn't bypass sans's dodge)


Skid Experience


Sneak Attacking

When going on the offense it is best to surprise your enemies. Hide in the tree in the middle of the map, or on top of a building (by using teleport or stand jump). Wait for them to pass by, and teleport down to the ground, and start barraging. (low chance of death, unless used many times)

Standard Fighting Method(s)

Beeline to the person you are fighting, and teleport behind them (medium chance of death), or in front of them (high chance of death). Start barraging, and tank hits from the enemy. Keep in mind the stand of your enemy, if it is the Glitch Stand or another Fire World, you have a fair chance of tying.


Teleportation Method

When going on the defense, remember that your block is not the best, and can get you killed quickly. It is best to run away, while keeping the enemy chasing you, and then teleporting near them to end them quickly. (low - medium chance of death)

Teleportation Spam

Simply spam teleport, and while the enemy is chasing your after image, cut g them from behind.

Extra Info

If someone is being particularly mean, kill them with the barrage, then keep it held down on their corpse, blowing out their eardrums. (more effect if they have a lot of volume or their wearing headphones)

Pros and Cons


  • Insane barrage damage and speed
  • Teleport is somewhat spammable, making for a good getaway
  • Stand jump jumps twice, meaning you can get on buildings, and turn direction mid-air.


  • Heavy punch has a 3 second-charge up, making it hard to land. (basically reality overwrite but as a heavy punch)
  • Has terrible durability.
  • Can be easily killed by run 'n gun stands / specs like Sans, Rocket Launcher, etc.
  • Suffers from being ragdolled.
  • Heal is broken.
  • Megumin can spam Y and R and kill a fire the world easily as long as they are not hit by it.
  • Barrage is insanely loud, letting people know where you are, and possibly enraging whoever you are hitting.
  • You could say that this is a less cooler version of Glitch leading to it having less demand and community value as people would prefer Glitch over this.
  • High mobility stands/specs can make this stand useless.
  • Epic pose music here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ


Fire The World's pose music is actually from 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog, and as the theme of Sonic in that game. There are three vocal versions of the song and two instrumental ones.

Video of person getting Fire The World - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzWDcgcivxw