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"Down the drain." - Flushed Platinum

How to obtain

Star Platinum (Evolved) + Orange Star = Flushed Platinum


Click - Punch

By clicking with your stand out, you will do 12.5 damage per punch.

E - Barrage Click - Punch

By holding E with your stand, you will start punching very quickly with each punch doing 101.2-102 damage.

Flushed Star Platinum.png

R - Strong Punch

By pressing R your stand will do a heavy punch knocking enemies back slightly and doing 129 damage.

T - Flushed Punch

By pressing T your stand will wind up their fist, then hits the target dealing 131.1 damage.

Y - Heal

By pressing Y your stand will begin punching the target, healing them for 49.7 health points every hit.

B + Y - Self Heal

By pressing B + Y your stand will turn around and begin punching the user, healing them for 54.2 health points each hit.

F - Flushed Timestop

Your stand will begin a small animation, following the animation time stops for roughly 9 seconds, after those 9 seconds time will begin to move again. (Broken)

C - Clown Roll

You roll on a short distance with a low cooldown.