A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How To Obtain:

The World + Forgotten Gem (OBTAINABLE) = Forgotten Pot

Forgotten Gem spawns every 1 hour and 38 minutes with a 1/4% chance of spawning.

Forgotten gem is not affected by the 10x event etc it will only spawn in 1 hour and 27 minutes 1/4% chance.

The Forgotten Gem is invisible so you have to hope you walk over it


Lmb (Click/Punch) - 30 Damage.

E (Barrage) - Deals 278.9 - 298.9 Damage.

R (Heavy Punch) - Deals 345.9 Damage.

Y (Auto Heal Barrage) - Heals 45 Every punch.

Forgotten Pot Platinum.png

X (Block) - Block 100% of damage. Some stands such as Megumin and Jevil can bypass the block counter.

C (Roll) - Spammable, No cooldown.

Z (Stand Jump) - Spammable, No cooldown.

G (Pose) - Just a pose