Galaxy shadow the world looks like shadow the world but colors change every few seconds.


E= Strong punch (strong) (deals 349.8 damage)

R= Three Strong punches Which Deal's about -345.7 damage.

Y= Flesh Buds (damage unknown, has to be a sort of medium range to hit, can hit twice)

Q= Knife Throw (works one time per life)

V= Time Teleport (small Cooldown)

B= Blood Suck (this attack heals you a bit when it hits someone)

X= Block

C= Roll

F= Ts (Needs Fix)

G= (pose song Jotaro theme(kirara remix)

N= Quotes ("You're watching me, aren't you?!" , "Hmph.")

How To Obtain

Use a Camera standless to get Shadow the world Get a Galaxy Camera and use it on Shadow the world


This stand is obtainable and will probably never become unobtainable due to how long it has been obtainble for.

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