Current Status: Unobtainable


LMB- Punch for 12.5 damage

Hold E- Barrage. 49.5-57.5 damage.

R- After a short startup do a strong punch for 78.8 damage. This attack also has more range than most strong punches.

T- Overwrite. After a long startup do a strong punch dealing 87.5 damage.

Hold Y- Heal. heals other players 10 hp per hit.

Hold B+Y- Self Heal Barrage. heals 1 hp per hit.

H- Ground Slam After a long startup, slam the ground and do 50 damage to nearby players.

C- Roll forward a small distance.

Z- Stand Jump: You leap into the air with your stand. (This goes further than most stand jumps.)

X- Block with your stand, reducing damage taken.

V- Not sure what this does, probably broken.

G- Pose

N- Quote

"Good Grief" "I'll beat you down later" "You're darn loud"

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