Basic Information

it is now a B+ tier since they made Galaxy Lightning obtainable for a moment and some users got it and made GTW.

before me there was no page

How to Obtain

Galaxy The World is unobtainable, but the way of obtaining it is by using Galaxy Lightning on The World.


Passive A: Galaxy Ruler

You can passively move in Timestop.


Click - 35 damage (70 crit)

E - Barrage does 266 damage per punch from leg barrage, 254 crit(265) damage from hand barrage

R - Heavy Punch 312 damage, Ragdolls and launches

U - Heal others (Heals 100)

B+U - Heal self (Heals 1000000)(spammable)


Galaxy The World is a reskin of The World, it has a pitch black base with parts of it being blue and small accents of red, its most notable feature is the head/helmet which has an image of space. When GTW isn't out the galactic helmet thing stays on the owners head.

The only known owners are Odd_Devv, Stefy124, BLACKBURNTEREXTRAHOT, nitdetermined, megaepic400, latexchocolate and RizkyC22 also FaZeClawzzzzz NKNEC

maybe Gamer_Pro5891

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