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Basic Information

it is unob now, u only can got it for trade,you cant afk in vip server to get it, its unob

How to Obtain

If You Use Galaxy Lightning on The World you will get Galaxy The World


Passive A: Galaxy Ruler

You can passively move in Timestop (Timestop Is Broken)


Click - 35 damage (70 crit)

E - Barrage does 266 damage per punch from leg barrage, 254 crit(265) damage from hand barrage.

R - Heavy Punch 312 damage, Ragdolls and launches

U - Heal others (Heals 100) (spammable)

B+U - Heal self (Heals 1000000) (spammable)

F- Make a jump (no damage)


Galaxy The World is a reskin of The World, it has a pitch black base with parts of it being blue and small accents of red, its most notable feature is the head/helmet which has an image of space. When GTW isn't out the galactic helmet stays on the players head.

Pros & Cons


  • Good damage output
  • Low cooldowns
  • Amazing Heals
  • Amazing Rarity


  • Not Many Moves
  • Boring To Use