The Galaxy Diamond spawns roughly every hour and 21.5 minutes

Galaxy X-Sans is X-Sans however, Galaxy S-Sans does 5 times the regular damage.

E - Gaster blasters - Does 173 dmg a multitude of times.

F- GASTER BLASTERS- does 143 dmg for a much longer period of time

R- Push- does 63 dmg twice

T- Bones- deal 73 dmg for each bone

Z- teleports

C- does nothing

Q-Swich modes


Mouse1-Slash - A normal melee attack that does from 90 to 140 damage twice

E- Joust - Does 163 damage twice in a quick close range blow

R- Slice - Does 143 dmg twice and deals knock back

T- Push- Does insane 173 dmg twice and pushes them away

F- X event- Leaps and deal 154 dmg and huge knockback to anyone with range

Z- KNIFE BOARDING- Very fast chara knife surf that deals 35 dmg when your run into someone

Galaxy X-Sans also has stamina that can survive 300+dmg barrages for around a second.

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