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Basic Information

Garcello is from a mod in Friday Night funkin, Smoke 'em out Struggle.

How to obtain

Garcello's Hat + Business Man = Garcello

Garcello Hat Spawns every Hour and 18 minutes.


E - Smoke Tackle/Garcello's Dash

Garcello dashes forward with a good speed causing the enemy to launch its self backward. Deals medium damage.

R - Smoke Force Strike/Garcello's Smoke Punch

Garcello does a method of punch like Tricky causing the opponent to launch itself backwards. deals 187.8 DMG and.

T - Smoke Blow/Garcello's Smoke Blast

Deals HIGH amounts of Damage, Hits around 10 Times, Has a medium cooldown. Great if you're fighting a long ranged stands.

Z - White Vine/Ghost Garcello

Garcello turns himself into a smoke/ghost causing him fly and manage his speed.

F - Garcello Boost

Boosts your blood pressure by activating nerves connected to the adrenal glands. (basically activates adrenaline) causing you to walk faster and jump higher. (NOTE: ADRENALINE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH)


Garcello does a sing position plays the song Fading at the last Phase of Garcello in the mod.