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This spec is obtainable from using Gaster Blaster on Standless

Moves -

[Same Moves As Rainbow Gaster But Worse]

E: Justice: The Yellow Hand Spawns Small Yellow Orbs That Deals Moderate And True Damage

R: Integrity: Two Dark Blue Saws Appear And Goes To What Side Your Looking At And Deals Moderate-High Damage

G: Determination: Three Red Slashes That Each Deal 100 Damage

F: Gaster Blaster: Shoots A Small Gaster Blaster That Deals 70 Damage Alot of times

Y: Kindness: Heals Other Players

B + Y : Kindness: Heals Yourself

T: Bravery: Many White Small Balls Appear In Front Of You And If An Enemy Goes In It It Explodes Dealing Moderate Damage

V: Teleport A Small Distance

C: Dodge

Z- hold: Transportation: the hands boost you forward

How To Obtain

Standless + Gaster Blaster = Gaster


Use rainbow gaster blaster on gaster to get rainbow gaster