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Its obtainble now

How to Obtain

Fire Ball + Weird Hat Spec = Genos


E - Barrage - Does 202 Damage per hit

R - Punch - Does 232.3 Damage critical 301.2

F(Special) - Big Fire Ball - Does around 272.1 Damage per hit.(this is an instant K.O skill so its pretty op)

Z - Fly (Not Infinite)

C - Roll + Kick

Y - jump if you land on a player or dummy it will take damage

T - small Fire Ball - Does around 143-152 Damage.

H - Increases speed (and deals damage too)

G - Pose

V - Teleport


This spec is based off Genos , a character from the anime and manga series One Punch Man

My opinion on Genos : actually this is an good spec go get it now!

have a nice day! :D