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Glitch Stand is known as one of the most strongest stands in ABJ ( A Bizarre Journey ) due to its high damage and also having one of the fastest barrage in the whole of ABJ. It was also an S+ tier according to the trading value.


Glitch Stand was covered with black and diamond plates. It has a red bloodshot eyes while having an dark grey diamond Guardia which looked like an black hood. This stand was heavily inspired and originated from another Jojo game called "A Bootleg's Day", but due to exploiters hacking the owner's account for some reasons ( Example : Give them extremely rare / unobtainable stands and items including Glitch , abusing of admin commands or using Admin Commands to give players Glitch Stand ), the stand was then removed from the game.

How do I get this stand?

In order to get this stand, you need to use Glitched Lightning on The World.

Moves of Glitch Stand

Glitch Stand has skills that are so overpowered that it can destroy an enemy within seconds. This stand has also one of the highest DPS ( Damage Per Second ) but it is not too suitable to fight bosses like Heaven Ascension Jotaro and Dio and even Normal Jotaro ( Except Dio ). Most skills in this movesets may be the exact same or identical to the stand called "Fire The World".

Passive 1 : Glitched

When having this passive, Glitch Stand seems to shake it head randomly at random directions and angle most of the time ( Even though it does not do anything but it looks terrifying ).

Passive 2 : Metallic Deaf / Deafen

Just like Fire The World, Glitch stand also makes metallic noises when using barrage towards enemies, this can affect the user because other players can hear and attack you if you are fighting a enemy, so this is not useful for 2v2s and also for stealth attacks.

LMB - Glitched Punch / Normal Punch ( LMB means Left Mouse Button )

Glitch Stand will punch the enemy, deals 15 damage to the enemy. ( This damage is equivalent to Fire The World )

E - Glitched Barrage

Glitch Stand will punch the enemy multiple times with rapid speed, dealing an amount of 299.8 - 323.9 damage ( 323.9 damage is critical ) to the enemy. Thus when barraging, it will give a extremely loud metallic noises just like Fire The World. The enemy will not be able to move or move slowly when Glitch uses its barrage, making the enemy impossible to escape, thus getting destroyed within seconds.

R - Heaviest Glitched Punch / Glitched Charged Punch

Glitch Stand will punch the enemy with a heavy blow once Glitch Stand charged its attack, dealing the enemy 356.7 damage while giving off an extremely loud metallic clack (broken)

Y - Self Glitched Restoration / Self Glitched Heal

Glitch Stand will punch the user multiple times with rapid speed, but instead of damaging its user, it heal the user with an unknown and immerse amount of health per hit

V - Glitched Teleport

Both Glitch Stand and its user will teleport at a very far distance, it is also spammable due to having no cooldowns

C - Glitched Roll / Roll

The user will roll forward at a moderate distance, it is also spammable just like Glitched Teleport due to not having cooldowns

Z - Charged Glitched Jump / Glitched Jump

Both the user and Glitch Stand will launch up into the sky with a moderate distance and height, but it gives a small boost / charge at the end of the stand jump

N - Quote

Glitch Stand will say a quote when you use this skill

  • " You can't ran away from us."

G - Pose

Both Glitch Stand and the user will strike a pose, it was an exact same pose as The World. There is two types of music that this stand will play

- The second pose music actually sounds cool to me due to its insane beats and remixes

Trivia / Fun Fact

The Glitch Stand was originated from a Jojo Game called " A Bootleg's Day ". Just like the Glitch Stand in ABJ, the Bootleg's Day Version of Glitch also have a devastating barrage with an immerse amount of damage and the same pose with a slow, overpowered heavy punch. The Bootleg's Day Version of Glitch has no eyes and any materials on it. To not cause any curiosity , controversy and argument , ABJ Owners decided to change the look of Glitch

How can i beat Glitch?

Glitch stand is known as one of the strongest stand in ABJ, making it hard to destroy when in 1v1s or PVPs. It is actually possible to destroy Glitch if your stand / spec has ranged attacks or stands / specs that have lots of mobility. Example for stands with ranged move such as B-Side FNF Spec or any stands that have AOE ( Area Of Effect ) moves. Here is the list of stands that you will be recommended to use when encountering Glitch, this may be useful if you are going on PVPs or some toxic players with Glitch

  • MUI ( Mastered Ultra Instinct )

- It has high speed and damage that can easily dodge Glitch's attacks, it is important not to use barrage because Glitch can counterattack you with any skills like Barrage. Always use the Q Skill to increase your chance on winning against Glitch as a type of advantage , because Glitch has lower mobility than MUI

- Just like MUI, it has higher mobility than Glitch Stand, but you should not use X Event but use the T Move instead as X Event was having a charge

- It has Damage Negation ( It can dodge any type of attacks from any enemy like Sans ) , it also has high speed and also ranged projectiles move. Try to use B-Side FNF Spec's Speed and ranged move, also including Damage Negation as your advantage when fighting Glitch

- It has Instant and spammable teleport just like Thanos due to having no cooldowns, thus it has quicker damage hits than other stands. It is also important not to use Heavy Punch and moves that requires charging as charging requires time, making Glitch having a easy target

- Both Fire The World and Glitch Stand have the same type of moves, so it is a standoff about whoever using the most skill wins

- Sans has lots of ranged move and also have Damage Negation. Use all the range moves against Glitch Stand because most of the ranged moves for Sans deals extremely good damage. Once using the ranged move, use Z to escape from Glitch. It is important not to use physical skills such as Barrage or Normal punches, reasons is because Sans' physical skills is weak and you will stand no chance again Glitch, so use ranged moves and move Z as your advantage

How to use Glitch?

In order to use the stand Glitch, you will need to have quick reactions and senses if you were to fight strong stands or specs. For Example, Fire The World etc.

- Flying Angel has an ability to teleport instantaneously, so you might need to beware and look out for Flying Angel during PVPs. In order to keep out of this stand, predict when and how are they going to teleport, once you know how, you need to use stand jump when Flying Angel teleports to you. You must also predict what skill they will use and when are they going to use them, you should not barrage randomly at Flying Stand as Flying Angel may trick you or counterattack you.

- There is very easy method for it if you are fighting again X - Chara or Galactic X - Chara, all you have to do is to camp on one of the tall buildings while waiting for X - Chara or Galactic X - Chara to arrive

- If you are fighting against FNF BSide Spec, keep in mind that you must always need to rush them, it is because they even though they have Damage Negation, they still can't cope with the large amount of damage, thus dealing immerse damage from Glitch

  • MUI ( Mastered Ultra Instinct )

- If you are fighting again MUI, chances are it will be either a close call or it is nearly impossible to defeat MUI ( Mastered Ultra Instinct ). The reason is because MUI's Q Move is a ranged move that have gigantic range and dealing immerse damage to Glitch if they did not dodge on time, thus it increases MUI's speed / agility, but however, MUI's Q Move requires a long cooldown once used and standing at one spot before attack with their Q Move, you must quickly teleport to MUI and attack them immediately, thus shredding their health. It is because once the enemy stops moving in one spot, it makes Glitch having an easy target. After doing these steps, do them repeatedly. When the enemy have MUI while you have Glitch, it is an standoff of who wins or who loses.

Pros and Cons of Glitch

Pros of Glitch

  • Glitch have an ton of health / HP , making its durability an A Tier
  • It is incredibly fast but not as fast as MUI and Sonic etc. Thus it has the fastest barrage in ABJ, able to destory an enemy within seconds
  • It has incredibly high damage and can most likely kill stands / spec that have lesser health and does not have any ranged or projectile moves

Cons of Glitch

  • Glitch does not have many moves despite having powerful movesets that do immense damage. ( Glitch and Fire The World had the same type of movesets )
  • It is possible that Glitch may loses to stands / specs that have ranged-moves such as Sans, BSide FNF Spec or even MUI.