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The spec is based off of Jujutsu Kaisen's main character (for some while) Gojo.

Spikey white hair, black clothing, and a black blindfold.

How To Obtain

Gojo Headband + Standless = Gojo Spec


Attack name Damage, Etc. Cooldown Key
Sorcerer-Punch 273.5

Average punch, short distance.

? E
Super-Kick Kick. 267.8 damage per hit ? R
Teleportation Gojo teleports behind the opponent when they're in range of the attack, doing 245.9 damage ? T
Gravity-well You shoot out a blue orb. Press G and anyone nearby gets pulled into it and stuck in that position. Note: They can attack, however. ? G
Limitless teleport Teleport for an alright distance. 5 seconds V


This Is Most Likely Stolen From AUT


Gojo Move 1.gif