A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

Hallow spec.png

The Hallow Spec/Shallow Spec is obtained by using White Diamond On Star Platinum


E= Barrage: this deals 67 - 89 Damage (i don't know if i got it right) and this barrage lasts till u stop pressing e

R= Heavy kick: The user does a 180 degree backflip kicking the enemy

T= Speed Acceleration: The user stands still and does an evil laugh (No audio) which damages nearby people for 25 damage. You will not move while using this ability, but after using it your movement speed will have significantly increased.

Z= Roll Act 2 (i call this move that) it basically is a roll that lasts for 4 secs, Deals 100 Dmg

C= Dash: this make the user dash really far

V= Teleport: You teleport where your cursor is pointing (Medium Range)

G= Pose: the user takes off it's head and plays Spooky Scary Skeletons The earrape version