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ōAppearance & Origin's

The Ripple/Hamon comes from an ancient style of martial arts called, Sendō.

Through controlled-breathing, a person can produce an life-energy identical to the Sun rippling through their body, in polar opposition to the energy exerted by the Undead. (Vampires, Pillar-men, and Zombies).

Ripple is the primary ability used in Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, and is briefly shown in Stardust Crusaders.

Ripple appears the players avatar as it has no form in-game.


Moves Damage
E - Sunlight Yellow Overdrive N/A (Broken)
R - Sendo Overdrive N/A (Broken)
T- Zoom Punch Your robloxians arm extends for a punch

12.5 normally

25 (crit)

F - Pluck and Luck N/A (Broken)

A slash animation plays but no damage occurs

C - Roll N/A (same as default)

Methods of Obtaining

In-game shop for 50,000.


Hamon + Icicle = Ice platinum

Hamon + Devil Horn = Devil Dominus