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"Reality itself, bend to my will!"


DIO Over Heaven is a new boss added April 20th and seems to be permanent. He wields the Stand The World Over Heaven. He is the character known as Heaven Ascension DIO in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

This, according to the devs, is also the first addition for TheHeavenupdate


「Heavenly Barrage」

DIO Over Heaven uses his Stand, The World Over Heaven (ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン) to start laying out tons of fast punches at the player, which can deal most of your HP bar if you aren't careful.

「Reality Overwriting Punch」

DIO Over Heaven uses his Stand, The World Over Heaven (ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン) to throw a fast punch at the player, which deals moderate damage. This move doesn't do too much damage if you have a decent stand like Glitch or Thanos.

Item Drops

Once defeated, he has a chance of dropping a Microphone, a Smug Hat, a Rainbow Gaster Blaster or a Dio's Crystal, and maybe other items too. It also has a very small chance of dropping nothing. Apparently, the drop for Rainbow Gaster Blaster is the most common. When dropping Dio's Crystal, the crystal has a chance of being invisible so it's recommended to walk on DIO's body if he drops nothing.

Stand Recommendations

They have 730,000 HP so it is recommended that you use a stand with high DPS such as Thanos, Glitch, Star Platinum:Over Heaven, Delta Sans, Rainbow Sans or Old Silver Chariot Requiem by using it's H move.