A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

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How to make: use White diamond on Star platinum


E - Barrage deals 67 or 89 damage per punch (inf time )

R - Kick deals 124 damage (Cooldown 3 Seconds)

T - Makes your screen gray, every player in the server will get damaged, you speed up (25 damage)

Z - Longer Roll, roll into someone to deal 100 damage (Cooldown 6 Seconds)

C - Dash (Cooldown 3.50 Seconds)

V - Teleport (Cooldown 1 Second)

G - Pose (Spooky Scary Skeletons)

full evolution

arrow or unbeleivable arrow + lmb = star plat :stone ocean (rare so might take time)

Star plat: stone ocean + jotaro hat = star plat

star plat+ white diamond= hollow spec.

Still Obtainable

Lemon 1 Demon Posing

Hollow Pose.png