E: 299 - 300 per barrage hit

This Is valroee (me) with this stand!

R: 347.5 per hit

LMB: 10 dmg per hit

G: Pose

Unknown stando

Obtained by using Unknown hood on the world

Unknown item information.png

This is a reminder that this stand is unobtainable meaning you cant get unknown hood. If you have Unknown hood you can still use it on The World to make this stand.

These are the only moves at the moment.

Spawnrate: (Unobtainable)

Item name: Unknown Hood

Stand name: HoodedNightmaresStand

Sorry guys, a griefer named Srivathsanyt thought they would be smart to pretend that the spawnrate is tags like in the roblox chat filter. Also, admins if your reading this ban Srivathsanyt so they wont stop griefing anymore.

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