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How to obtain

Cursed Star + JG = HPG

Full Stepsererererer

Glitch + Jotaro Hat = Jotaro's Glitch

Jotaro's Glitch + Cursed Hyper Star = Cursed Jotaro's Hyper Pot Glitch

Cursed Jotaro's Hyper Pot Glitch has a pink body and green cross-like eyes. HPP also has a glowing pink hat and illuminated circles on the wrists. There are various bands of glowing pink placed around the body of the stand. And went unobtainable September 8 2021.



Time Stop Movement: You can move in stopped time

=== Skillset ===: Ro Mouse 1 (LMB): Single punch: Does an astounding 1 000 damage

E: Barrage (hold): Hyper Pot Platinum stands in front of the user and throws a lot of punches dealing 234 on average, and 267 on critical. ~6-8sec cooldown.

Hyper Pot Platinum's barrage, with good good speed and damage. Deadly when used properly.

R: Heavy: Hyper Pot Platinum charges up super fast and throws a punch dealing a devastating 345.7 damage. ~6-8sec cooldown.

Y: Self-Heal: Hyper Pot Platinum stands in front of the user and punches them healing 16 HP per hit. ~6-8sec cooldown.

X: Block (spammable): Blocks attacks.

A Cursed Star, used to obtain Hyper Pot Platinum

Z: Jump (spammable): This move is similar to the stand jumps of Retro The Universe and Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem.

C Time stop: This is similar to the time stop of (The world)

G: Pose: HPP scatters your body parts and plays this (Infinite from Sonic Forces): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me0tuXQiY7E

Hyper Pot Platinum can completely nullify any damage sent at the user, except for AOE attacks, such as The World : Over Heaven's H move, and all of Megumin's moves.

X: Block: Hyper Pot Platinum stands in front of the user and crosses their arms. The user can only take damage from AOE attacks when in this stance. You are practically immortal, since AOE tends to do low damages, and Hyper Pot Platinum has a self heal, much like Retro Over The Universe and Star Platinum Requiem.

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