How to make: Use a Hyper Ring on Sonic

Appearance: Your Roblox character with sparkles and a rainbow aura.

You're extremely fast and you kind of fly while moving around

Q: Punch - 99 Damage twice (Sometimes you crouch after you punch, its a bug)


E: Ground Smash - You do a beautiful flip dealing 90 Damage twice

R: You shoot 3 slashes (Unknown damage)

T: Chaos Beam - 78 Damage each hit.

F: Energy Ball (Huge hitbox, long cooldown, use to kill crowds)

V: Chaos Control! (Teleport's the user to where the mouse is pointed. can tp onto buildings now)

Z: Hyper Flight 60 DMG per hit (A rainbow fire effect goes around your body and you fly at godlike speed.)

C: Hyper Roll (You take a second to roll into a white ball and then roll very far dealing damage to players that are hit)

G: Pose

N: Voice lines - Yes! - Alright!

This is not a stand, its a spec.


Destructive Power: S+

Speed: S+

Durability: B

Credit goes to Doc_Flash and

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