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Imposter is an item you get from using Imposter Button on Standless.

Imposter Button can be obtained by killing the Jotaros star platinum over heaven boss

Imposter is Unobtainble as June 5 2021.

Imposter is a spec.

NOTE: This was posted on May,30,2021 so if anything new comes I might post it on here.


LMB- shoots who you are hovering over with mouse/ nearest person (dmg: 245) {can also hit multiple people at once}

Q- heavy punch with knife in hand (dmg: 100-150)

E- stabs about 5 times (dmg: ~50-100)

R- heavy punch with gun after it (dmg; 211 for punch, and 213 for gun)

T- tongue stab (dmg: 200-800)

F- bomb (sort of like the stands that have an explosion move that originates from the torso, dmg: 267)

G- pose (no dmg ofc, used to play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr4MlmiL-gY before roblox removed music)

Z- vents like imposter?!?!?!??!?!?!? (dmg: none ofc, long-ish range and sometimes makes you fall over after venting)

it also cant jump or roll