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Imposter seems to resemble a red crewmate from the game Among Us, a game developed by InnerSloth, released in 2018. It has below-average height, with a red spandex suit and a glass visor that is polarized (meaning it's essentially impossible to see inside from the outside, but not hard at all to see the outside from the inside). In this version specifically, it has robloxian feet, and, if you can glitch your camera inside of it, a folded-up Roblox character! Imposter users can be confused, due to them all looking the same.

Sus red impostor.png

Key Damage Cooldown Extra info / Tips
Click-LMB.png 245.8 damage ~2 seconds You take out and load a pistol, before firing one shot and dealing 245.8 damage to anybody nearby. This move has a huge hitbox.
QKeyIcon.png 50 damage x 4 ~ 3 seconds You punch in front of you, dealing 50 damage. This move hits twice(can hit four times.
EKeyIcon.png    198.5 damage ~ 5 seconds You take out a knife and repeatedly stab in front of you, dealing 198.5 damage to anybody unfortunate enough to get hit by this.
RKey.png 637.7 ~ 9 seconds You punch, dealing 211.9 damage twice, then shoot a gun, dealing 213.9 for a total of 637.7 damage. The gun, when shot, has a long hitbox.
TKeyIcon.png 278.5 damage ~ 5 seconds You shoot your tongue out, dealing 279.5 damage twice (can hit 4 times) and ragdolling. Due to the size of the tongue, the hitbox is large.
FKeyIcon.png    267.8 damage ~ 10 seconds You pull out an emergency meeting button and press it, dealing 267.8 damage, ragdolling, and sending the victim in the opposite direction of the way that you are facing.
~ 2 seconds You vent anywhere your mouse is with a decent range

The pose music is Pico by KawaiSprite, made for the game Friday Night Funkin', but with added among us sounds and among drip playing in the background.


UNOBTAINABLE as of 3/19/21

OBTAINABLE as of 4/21/21 thanks to the new boss, however the item cannot spawn naturally.


  • When the player dies with the Imposter spec, it plays the emergency button press noise, like the F move.
  • Unobtainable
  • Z has a reference of when you vent in Among Us.
  • Has a reference to the "Imposter" Role in the original Among Us game.
  • T is a reference of when the Imposter kills the crewmate with his Tongue Of Death.
  • E has a reference when the imposter stabs the crewmates Multiple times.
  • R is a reference of the imposter slapping the crewmate and shooting the gun.
  • F has no move reference from the original game, since the emergency doesn't kill the players in among us.