How to Obtain

Unobtainable but used to come from:

Standless + Impostor Button + Imposter Spec

Its a C tier unobtainable but it looks really cool.


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
LMB (Left Mouse Button) Gun The imposter shoots a gun that deals high damage 245.8
Q Knife impostor brings out knife that deals damage high damage 2 times 50 per knife (100 total damage)
E Knife Barrage The Imposter unleashes a knife barradge dealing high damage 198.7 per knife
R Gun Combo The Imposter Punches and shoots a gun both hits do around 211
T Tounge Attack The Imposter uses its tongue and reaches out dealing high damage 279.8 ( if you walk forward immediately you will deal an extra hit)
F When Red Is Sus The Imposter pushes the emergency meeting button and pulls in players nearby and deals high damage 260
G Pico The Imposter poses and plays the song Pico from the game Friday Night Funkin
Z Vent The Imposter vents at the location of your cursor


Combo Difficulty Gif Notes
Z+E Very Easy Vent in front of somebody and press E
Q+T+R Easy Must be walking forward
Q+T+LMB Easy Must be walking forward
LMB+F+R Easy
LMB+F+R+T Medium Must be walking forward even
Z+Q+T+F+R Hard
Z+Q+T+F+R+Z+LMB+Z+E Very Hard


  • High damage output


gets stuck in floor when vent


  • This stand is based off the imposter from the popular game - Among US.


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