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Inferno Boss appears very see through. He has an orange scarf and a orangish yellow top hat. He has three flames around the hat and two flames for what seem to be hands. He has a stand of unknown origin.

Item drop

It drops: Bomb,Space gun bullet and noob hat

Be aware, This boss is really tanky , He has 400k Health

How to kill him quick

The quickest way to defeat him is SPOH V move, it will deal some insane damage to the boss.

He is one of the three bosses the others being Dio and SCR.

As of 3/30/21 3:44 PM He is in the game but Odd did say he will remove it soon.

He spawns when a new server is created but doesn't respawn, The only way is to leave your vip and kill him again.

The event is now over and he does not spawn anymore.

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