Arrow: Use on standless for a random stand

Cursed Arrow: Star Platinum + Cursed Arrow = Star Platinum Requiem

Unbelievable Arrow: Standless = Random Stand (Rarer stands are in this arrow)

White Requiem Arrow: Silver Chariot Requiem + White Requiem Arrow = Shiny Silver Chariot Requiem

Chariot Requiem Arrow: Silver Chariot + Chariot Requiem Arrow = Silver Chariot Requiem

Requiem Arrow: Gold Experience + Requiem Arrow = Gold Experience Requiem

Old Requiem Arrow: Silver Chariot + Old Requiem Arrow = Old Silver Chariot Requiem

Orbs :

Darkest Orb: Standless + Darkest Orb = Reaper

Shadow Orb: The World + Shadow Orb = Shadow Dio

Requiem Orb: The World + Requiem Orb = Shadow The World Requiem

Flushed Orb: Standless + Flushed Orb = Flushed The World

BRUH orb: Star Platinum (evolved) + BRUH orb = Bruh Platinum


Last Shard: Sans + Last Shard = Last Breath Sans

Rainbow Shard: Star Platinum Requiem + Rainbow Shard = Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem


Camera: Camera + Standless = Shadow The World

Galaxy Camera: Shadow The World + Galaxy Camera = Galaxy Shadow The World


Heart Corpse: Tusk Act 3 + Heart Corpse = Tusk Act 4

Torso Corpse: Tusk Act 2 + Torso Corpse = Tusk Act 3

Skull Corpse: Tusk Act 1 + Skull Corpse = Tusk Act 2

Hand Corpse: Standless + Hand Corpse = Tusk Act 1

Undertale/Deltarune Stuff:

Gaster + Rainbow Gaster Blaster = Rainbow Gaster

Gaster Blaster + Standless = Gaster

Red Gaster Blaster: Weird hat stand + Red Gaster Blaster = XGaster

Jevil Spade: Standless + Jevil Spade = Jevil

Chara Knife: Standless + Chara Knife = Chara

Frisk Stick: Standless + Frisk Stick = Frisk

Chara Blade: Standless + Chara Blade = SS Chara

X-Bone: Standless + X-Bone = X-Sans

Bone: Standless + Bone = Sans

Rainbow Gaster Blaster: Gaster + Rainbow Gaster Blaster = Rainbow Gaster

Delta Bone: Sans + Delta Bone = Delta Sans


Shadow Gem: Shadow The World + Shadow Gem = Shadow Jotaro's Star Platinum

l: The World + Dio's Crystal = Dio's The World

Rainbow Dio's Crystal: Dio's The World + Rainbow Dio's Crystal = Rainbow Dio's The World

[[Sonic Gem|S Galactic Gem: Galactic Gem + X Chara = Galactic X


Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA Hat: Jotaro's Star Platinum + Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA Hat = Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA

Smug Hat: Standless + Smug Hat = Smug Dancer

Darkest Jotaro's Hat: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Darkest Jotaro's Hat = Demonic Star Platinum

Can be sold for 3.5M at the Black Market.


Miku Diary: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Miku's Diary = Miku

Purple Guy Diary: Business Man (Oni) + Purple Guy's Diary = Purple Guy Stand (used to give old purple guy which is currently an A tier unobtainable)

Cosmic Diary (useless): Luigi + Cosmic Diary = Cosmic Luigi (Unobtainable)

Book of Spells: The World Over Heaven + Book Of Spells = The World Requiem

Luigi Diary (useless): Shiny Sword (Deleted) + Luigi's Diary = Luigi

Mario Diary: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Mario Diary = Mario

Dio Diary: Star Platinum + Dio's Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven

^ The World + Dio Diary = The World Over Heaven

^Star Platinum OVA + Dio Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven OVA

^The World OVA + Dio Diary = The World Over Heaven OVA

^ Yellow Queen + Dio Diary = Steve Platinum

Odd Diary: Mario + Odd Diary = Odd Stand


{Computer error} Star Platinum Over Heaven + Computer Error = Error Stand

White Diamond: Star Platinum + White Diamond= hallow spec

Winning Medal: Gold Experience + Winning Medal = Skid Experience

Pot: The World + Pot = Pot Leader Stand

Dragon Ball: Weird Hat Man + Dragon Ball = Mastered Ultra Instinct

Orange Star: Star Platinum + Orange Star = Flushed Platinum

Hyper Ring: Sonic + Hyper Ring = Hyper Sonic

Retro Head: Star Platinum + Retro Head = Retro The Universe

Frog: Doppio King Crimson (1 Arm) + Frog = King Crimson

Red Frog: King Crimson + Red Frog = King Crimson Requiem

Snowflake: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Snowflake = Jotaro's Star Platinum Over Heaven

Megumin's Staff: Standless + Megumin's Staff = Megumin (Spec)

Void Star: Standless + Void Star = Void Tusk

Clock: Standless + Clock = Sakuya

Rocket: Standless + Rocket = Rocket Launcher

Purple Crown: C-Moon + Purple Crown = She Moon

Candycorn: (Its only use as of now is to be sold for 18M at the Black Market.)

Cosmic Mario Egg: Mario + Cosmic Mario Egg = Cosmic Mario

E.X.E. Hair: Sonic + Exe Hair = Sonic.EXE

Icicle: Hamon + Icicle = Ice Platinum

Earth: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Earth = Star Platinum Over The Earth

Devil Horns: Hamon + Devil Horns = Devil Dominus

The Sun: Star Platinum Over Heaven + The Sun = Star Platinum Over The Sun

Saitama's cape: Weird Hat Man + Saitama Cape = Saitama/One Punch Man

Coffin Shades: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Coffin Shades = Coffin Dancer (can be bought from shop)

Aja Mask: Kars + Aja Mask = Ultimate Life Form

Glitched Lightning: The World + Glitched Lightning = Glitched Stand

Fire Star: The World + Fire Star = World Fire

Cursed Star: Star Platinum + Cursed Star = Hyper Pot

Space Gun Bullet: Standless + Space Gun Bullet = Space Gun

Galaxy Diamond: Galaxy Diamond + Standless = Galaxy X Sans

Rokakaka Fruit: Reset your Stand / Ability

Banknote: Gives 35k when used


Jason Mask: The World + Jason Mask = Jason

Black Cooking Pot: Made on Hallow Day + Black Cooking Pot = Extreme Pot

Rainbow Bone: Delta Sans + Rainbow Bone = Rainbow Sans

Sonic Diary: Standless + Sonic Diary = Sonic (Stand)

Purple Bomb: Weird Hat Man + Purple Bomb = Purple Guy Spec

Purple Star: Star Platinum + Purple Star = Starfish Platinum

Christmas Light: Standless + Christmas Light = Made On Christmas Eve

Shadow Head: Star Platinum Over Heaven + Shadow Head = Shadow Pot

Rainbow Orb: Star Platinum + Rainbow Orb = Rainbow Pot Platinum

Darkest Helmet: The World + Darkest Helmet = Dio's Darkest Requiem

Ultra Diary: The World Over Heaven + Ultra Diary = Ultra Pot Platinum

Sprite Cranberry (item): Star Platinum + Sprite Cranberry (Item) = Sprite Cranberry (Stand)

Zero Two Diamond: Weird Hat Man + Zero Two Diamond = Zero Two

Play Button: Star Platinum + Play Button = Youtube Platinum

Moon: Star Platinum: Over Heaven + Moon = Galaxy Star Platinum

Yellow Queen Crown: Star Platinum + Yellow Queen Crown = Yellow Queen

Forgotten Gem: Forgotten Gem + The World = Forgotten Pot Platinum

Unknown Hood The World + Unknown Hood =Hooded Nightmare

Forgotten Gem/Crystal: Forgotten Gem/Crystal + Star Platinum/The World = Forgotten/Hallow Pot Platinum

Rainbow Microphone: Rainbow Microphone + Weird Hat Man = Rainbow Dancer

Accomplishment Medal: Accomplishment Medal + Star Platinum = Accomplishment Stand

Over Heaven Orb: Crazy Diamond + Over Heaven Orb = Crazy Diamond OH

Impostor Button: Impostor Button + Standless = Imposter

Cosmic Hat: Cosmic Hat + The World = New Cosmic Luigi Stand.

Cosmic Mario Cap: Star Platinum (evolved) + Cosmic Mario Cap = New Cosmic Mario

Shaggy: Star Platinum + Shaggy = Shaggy Stand

New Play Button: Star Platinum + New Play Button = New Youtube Platinum

Fire Ball: Weird Hat Man + Fire Ball = Genos

Flame bone: Weird Hat Man + Flame bone = Flame sans.

Clown Diary: Star Platinum/The World + Clown Diary = Clown Man Stand (not confirmed)

Celebration Diary: Old King Crimson + Celebration Diary = Celebration Pot (not confirmed, most likely fake due to OKC not being real)


Meme diary: Standless + Meme Diary = One More Time or Tusk Act 5 if used on Tusk Act 4

Item Tier List

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