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Jevil is from the game Deltarune as a Secret Boss.

Can be Obtained from Spade + Standless and is a High S+ tier.

Jevil has a passive skill: every time you hit someone with the R move your health increases.

(This does have a limit)

So someone might try to damage you they will but your hp won't go down if you collected a lot of souls also you can't even die to a r move from another jevil if you collected a good amount of souls.

Click/Tap: 10 damage


V - The user goes invisible, Invincible, and can sprint with white spades repeatedly coming out of the air.

(400 Dmg) (Invisible and Invincible for 3 Seconds)

J - The user goes invisible and Invincible for a short time with scythes coming out of where the cursor points, then finishes off with a giant scythe

(Tip: you can still do Movesets while in this mode) (invisible and Invincible for 9 Seconds)

C - The user dashes but for a second, the user punches something while dashing. (No Dmg)

Y - A purple ball appears rig (25 Dmg) (May ragdoll people)

H - A clone of the user appears and the real user is invisible and Invincible.

(Tip: You can Damage your clone to heal using R move and E move) (invisible and Invincible for 6-10 Seconds)

Z - The screen goes dark while the user dashes for a little bit.

E -The user grabs a scythe out of nowhere and swings it up and down.

(Heals you if you hit somebody) (Can ragdoll people)

R - The user grabs a scythe out of nowhere and lunges at the opponent and can kill Most stands in the game with one R move, Even Stand blocking users. ( Some stands need 2 R Moves )

(1,000 Dmg) (Heals you if you hit somebody)



When the user dies the user will say: "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING".

This is a very abusive stand and it is used by the majority of ABJ players