Use a Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum (unevolved)

use a Jotaro's Star Platinum Hat on Star Platinum (Evolved)


LMB - A quick punch that deals 10 damage.

E - A barrage that deals a GOOD amount of damage, precisely 302.1 or 287.4 damage every hit.
R - JSP will hit the opponent, knocking them back and dealing double 350.9 damage.
T - Star finger that deals 25 damage, it seems to be unfinished. (Great for hitting ragdolls).
Y - JSP throws Iggy at the opponent (Broken Move)
G - It's the Star Platinum (Evolved) pose except a Jotaro's theme trap remix plays.
Z - A regular stand jump.
X - Stand Block.
C- A human roll.


Jotaro's Star Platinum + Jotaro's OVA Hat = Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA.

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