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How to obtain

Use a Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum (unevolved)

use a Jotaro's Star Platinum Hat on Star Platinum (Evolved)


Moves Damage
E - Jotaro's Enhanced Barrage 287.4 - 302.1
R - Jotaro's Enhanced Heavy Punch 350.9 (Double damage)
T - Jotaro's Enhanced Star Finger 25 (Broken)
Y - Jotaro's Iggy Throw Broken
Z - Jotaro's Stand Jump Normal Stand Jump
X - Stand Block Blocks around 80% damage
C - Roll N/A

G - Pose, Your roblox character does the jotaro pointing at dio pose and your stand do be vibin tho, (Plays Jotaro trap remix)


Jotaro's Star Platinum + Jotaro's OVA Hat = Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA.